DE4A Technology


Towards an Interoperability Platform

Real-Life Pilots

"Studying Abroad"

Paperless Procedures for Students' Mobility

  • Applications for Higher Education

  • Applying for Study Grants

  • Diploma / certs / studies / professional recognition

"Doing Business Abroad"

Meeting Business Needs

  • Retrieving and keeping up-to-date company data from authentic sources

  • Starting a business

  • Digital Annual Reports

"Moving Abroad"

Enabling Citizens' Mobility across the EU

  • Registering change of address

  • Civil Status certificates

  • Retirement (Pensions info / claims)


Supporting The Once Only Principle

Contribution to the high level requirements of the OOP Technical System in accordance with the SDGR Art. 14 (Autumn 2020)

Sustainability & Governance models

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

European Interoperability Framework

Federated, multi-pattern architecture aligned with EIF, combining existing and emerging building blocks and components


Evidence of the impact of innovative technologies (i.e. Blockchain) and their benefits for Once-Only

Legal and Regulatory

Recommendations to overcome legal barriers and regulatory ambiguity regarding OOP


A toolbox for different national baselines, with different maturities and adoption speeds

Common Specifications & Components

Common specifications and components towards the future data-driven and user-centric Once-Only Technical System to be established by the EC in cooperation with MS

3 cross-border pilots for citizens and businesses

Specific instantiations of the framework will be validated in citizen and business-oriented pilots chosen from SDGR fully online administrative procedures


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