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DE4A Technology


Service Interoperability Solutions Toolbox: DE4A wiki, now available.

In the technical work packages of DE4A, as well as in the technical task team and in DE4A participating organizations, different levels and types of specifications and documentation have been created during the project.

This toolbox has been given the form of an online wiki, making publicly available relevant documentation such as DE4A interaction patterns, common components or pilots.



Towards an Interoperability Platform


Real-Life Pilots


"Studying Abroad"

Paperless Procedures for Students' Mobility

  • Applications for Higher Education

  • Applying for Study Grants

  • Diploma / certs / studies / professional recognition


"Doing Business Abroad"

Meeting Business Needs

  • Retrieving and keeping up-to-date company data from authentic sources

  • Starting a business

  • Digital Annual Reports


"Moving Abroad"

Enabling Citizens' Mobility across the EU

  • Registering change of address

  • Civil Status certificates

  • Retirement (Pensions info / claims)


Supporting The Once Only Principle

Contribution to the high level requirements of the OOP Technical System in accordance with the SDGR Art. 14 (Autumn 2020)

Sustainability & Governance models

Taking into account: 


EU Regulations: eIDAS, SDGR, EU declarations: Tallinn, EU principles: OOP, and EU guiding principles: EIF, EIS, EIRA

European Interoperability Framework

Federated, multi-pattern architecture aligned with EIF, combining existing and emerging building blocks and components


Evidence of the impact of innovative technologies (i.e. Blockchain) and their benefits for Once-Only

Legal and Regulatory

Recommendations to overcome legal barriers and regulatory ambiguity regarding OOP


A toolbox for different national baselines, with different maturities and adoption speeds

Common Specifications & Components

Common specifications and components towards the future data-driven and user-centric Once-Only Technical System to be established by the EC in cooperation with MS

3 cross-border pilots for citizens and businesses

Specific instantiations of the framework will be validated in citizen and business-oriented pilots chosen from SDGR fully online administrative procedures

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