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The upgraded EIF Toolbox is going live on 5 May

The upgraded EIF Toolbox, interactive resource portal bridging the gap between public administrations and interoperable digital public services, is going live on 5 May 2021!

The EIF Toolbox has been designed to support national public administrations (covering the 3 or 4 administrative levels) with the tools and guidance necessary to implement of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) and thus foster the design and implementation of interoperable digital services at national and European level.

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On the Austria’s participation in DE4A project

The Federal Computing Centre of Austria (BRZ) participates as a beneficiary in DE4A project together with its Linked Third Party, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW). Both organisations are mainly involved in the developments in WP5 and overall, in the piloting of DBA-pilot in WP4. Austria understands it participation in the project as a contribution to the preparatory work for the realisation of the Single Digital Gateway and its underlying regulation.

Digital Europe for All - Partner Contribution Communication from 1st of April 2021

An Introduction to the Pilots – New Brochure Now Available from 1st of January 2021

DE4A has published a new brochure that offers EU citizens and businesses an introduction into this transformative project, as well as an insight in to the three pilots and associated use cases, that are ongoing as the initiative enters its second year. The work, results and outcomes of these pilots will positively impact all EU citizens that intend to move to and/or study in a different Member State, as well as set-up and conduct business across international borders within the EU.

Watch the webinar ''Digital Europe for All - Exploring Once-Only in practice'' from 19th of November 2020.

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