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de4a Newsletter- Live!

DE4A has published a new brochure that offers EU citizens and businesses an introduction into this transformative project, as well as an insight in to the three pilots and associated use cases, that are ongoing as the initiative enters its second year. The work, results and outcomes of these pilots will positively impact all EU citizens that intend to move to and/or study in a different Member State, as well as set-up and conduct business across international borders within the EU.

Europe has a large and thriving higher education sector with more than 19 million students studying at 4,000 institutions. In 2018, there were in total 1.3 million mobile tertiary students in the EU coming from abroad (both from another EU Member State and from outside the EU), a number which has increased by 36 % since 2013. DE4A’s Studying Abroad pilot aims to make it easier for EU citizen students to apply to these institutions, have their qualifications recognised in the country they wish to study and to apply for a grant.

​Every EU citizen has the right to move to any EU country to live, work, study, look for a job or retire. In fact, in 2020 3% of the 447 million people living in the EU, had the citizenship of another Member State. The process of moving can present a logistical and administrative challenge, so the Moving Abroad pilot aims to reduce some of this burden in the areas of notifying change of address process, requesting birth, marriage or death certificates, and obtaining pension information and making claims.

In addition to the freedom of movement, EU citizens also have the ability to start a business or set-up a subsidiary branch of an existing EU-based business, in another Member State (as well as Norway and Liechtenstein). The target guidance from the EU is that this should be possible in no more than three working days, with the process completed through a single administrative body. In support of this objective, the Doing Business Abroad pilot is focusing on making it easier to start a busines in another Member State, as well as breaking down barriers to do business in other Member States.

The DE4A ‘Supporting the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation across Europe - Introduction to the Pilots’ brochure is available to read and download at: Public Information | Digital Europe For All (

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