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Studying AbRoad Pilot
About The Pilot

The Studying Abroad pilot of the DE4A project aims at demonstrating in practice the benefits of realizing across borders the principles of once only and digital-by-default for different stakeholders of the European Higher Education Area, in particular students, universities, and ministries of higher education. By piloting three use cases it aims to demonstrate the optimal process/procedure for students from the three participating Member States (Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain) for registration to higher education and subsequently applying for a student grant as well as for studies recognition in another country.


Students can use their national eIDs to access foreign higher education services and have their evidence required by the service, such as their higher education diplomas, transferred electronically from a trusted source in their home country. Having this opportunity, the students will no longer need to look for the evidence and fill the required application forms by themselves. On the other hand, the service providers will increase the security level of their services and reduce administration burden by relying on structured electronic evidence from trustworthy sources.

See how verifiable credentials are being used in the Studying Abroad Pilot: