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Final workshop presentations
Standard Presentations

Ana Rosa Guzmán at OOTS Implementer's Café


This is the standard Generic DE4A PowerPoint presentation for external use.

Real life piloting.jpg

This PowerPoint presentation describes the DE4A Pilots.


This PowerPoint presentation describes how DE4A deals wiith Semantic interoperability.


This PowerPoint presentation was presented at the OID2022 conference and showed both DE4A and GLASS  project semantics managment.

Disruptive tech.jpg

This PowerPoint presentation investigates the prospective use of new technologies in DE4A.


This PowerPoint presentation shows how DE4A deals with the variations in government workflows encountered in the pilots.

Anchor Brochure

This leaflet brochure has been created to support all partners in the promotion of DE4A to end user audiences such as SMEs and citizens. It contains high level information on the project objectives, information about the project consortium and its key aims. It is allowed to be distributed is available if needed.

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