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DE4A Pilots Overview
About The PilotS

The DE4A project pilots aim at demonstrating in practice the benefits of realizing across borders the principles of once only and digital-by-default for different stakeholders

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DE4A Pilot Processes
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DE4A Pilot Processes

The DE4A project pilots add value to the DE4A ecosystem through:

In depth understanding of chosen 'Life Events' by detailed Use Case analysis in Member States

Piloting important concepts relevent to Single Digital Gateway contexts and beyond

Evidence of enablers of trust of Single Digital Gateway users in public authorities, evaluating in realistic conditions different trust models including more decentralised ones (SSI, VC etc)

Applying in real-life contexts, results from major public sector initiatives: Public Document Regulation, EBSI-ESSIF

Measurable impacts using S.M.A.R.T metrics to substantiate how well each pilot meets established success criteria and aligns with DE4A principles

Workable designs for current and future OO data sharing implementations


DE4A Pilot Summaries

(As of 15 May 2022)


Studying Abroad Pilot

The Studying Abroad (SA) pilot of the DE4A project implements cross-border eProcedures in higher education in Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

Use Case "Application to Public Higher Education" (SA UC1)
Use Case "Applying for Study Grant" (SA UC2)
Use Case "Diploma /Certs/Studies/ Professional Recognition" (SA UC3)

DBA Countries.jpg

Doing Business Abroad Pilot

The Doing Business Abroad (DBA) pilot of the DE4A project, implements eProcedures for starting and doing business cross-border in Austria, The Netherlands, Romania and Sweden. It improves currently available cross-border procedures by implementing the Once-Only Principle (OOP) and Digital-by-default.


Use Case "Starting a Business in Another Member State" (DBA UC1)
Use Case "Doing Business in Another Member State" (DBA UC2)


Moving Abroad Pilot

The Moving Abroad (MA) pilot of the DE4A project implements cross-border eProcedures in the Life events of Moving abroad and Living abroad in Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

Use Case "Request Address Change" (MA UC1)

Use Case "Request an Extract or Copy of a Civil State Certificate" (MA UC2)

More information

You can find more general information about the Digital Europe for All program here.

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