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Innovating goverNment and ciTizen co-dEliveRy for the digitaL sINgle marKet ambition is to develop a new collaborative governance model that promotes the reuse and sharing of existing public services leveraging on the partnership between citizens, private actors, and public administrations

The INTERLINK goal is to overcome the barriers preventing PAs to efficiently share services in a Digital Single Market by combining the enthusiasm and flexibility of grassroot initiatives with the legitimacy and accountability granted by top-down e-government frameworks.

Its aims are:

To develop a new collaborative governance model based on partnerships between public administrations, citizens and companies.

To provide a set of Interlinkers, digital enablers that will standardize the basic functionalities needed by private actors to co-produce a service, in order to eliminate the technological barriers and foster the delivery of interoperable, inclusive, sustainable and ethical public services.

To deliver the INTERLINK framework and operational platform, an open software system leveraging on mobile communications that will facilitate the co-production of services between PAs and private stakeholders.

To identify the legal framework for co-creation and co-delivery of services, making sure INTERLINK Enablers and governance models are compliant with EU regulations and are usable in cross-border services

To evaluate and assess the impact of the INTERLINK solution in three proof-of-concept use-cases representing meaningful and complementary examples of the class of services targeted by INTERLINK

For more information on INTERLINK, see:


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