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Once Only Principle

What is the Once Only Principle?

The Once Only Principle allows public businesses to share information about citizens. This allows citizens the freedom to use public services and only have to enter information one time. In this electronic age, we are always filling out forms online. It feels like we have to enter the same information on every site we visit, no matter what business we are attempting to handle. It can be frustrating, especially when you have to use different services to find the result you want. The Once Only Principle works to resolve that frustration. Starting in 2023, the public administration offices across Europe will be able to share data and documentation that the citizens have already provided. This information is shared in a secure way.

The Once Only Principle is part of the single digital gateway and its regulation. The single digital gateway is to allow citizens and businesses the access to information online in a way that is meaningful and secure. The way this works is when a citizen creates a transaction of some public process, the website captures the information, as well as any evidence the citizen inputs on the website. This removes the need for the citizen to continue to upload the same documents every time. This website is prepared for the network to grow as more people use it. They are focused on maintaining a high quality of documentation and consistent performance regardless of how much traffic there is.

The user of the website will need to authorize the use of the Once Only Principle before the information is stored or accessed. The website will be smart enough to know what information is needed for the particular transaction being completed. As a result, that is the only information that the website will access to ensure the privacy of the citizen.

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