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Pilot Introduction: Doing Business Abroad

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

One of the pilots within DE4A is Doing Business Abroad and its

main objective is to lower barriers for companies starting a business or doing business in another EU Member State.

In order to meet the needs of both company and data consumers, the pilot participants will retrieve company data from (authentic) sources and keep this data up to date by connecting to new or existing data subscriptions (notification services). This will be achieved in the Doing Business Abroad pilot by (amongst others): specifying the pilot’s use cases; defining requirements for the OOP technical system; validating the OOP technical system in real pilots; promoting the once only principle within the Member States to public administration and companies.

In April 2020 the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) produced the first deliverable related to this pilot, in close collaboration with Member States and specific organisations participating in this pilot: Austria’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the Austrian Federal Computing Center; Belgium’s Federal Public Service Policy and Support; Sweden’s Agency for Digital Government, the Swedish Companies Registration Office, and the Swedish Tax Agency; and Romania’s National Trade Register Office. The deliverable identifies the use cases to be tackled and defines the requirements to the OOP technical system:

1. Starting a business in another Member State

This use case deals with the initial registration of the company and the assessment of the right to do business and of obligations to file tax in the Member State the company wants to do business in. At the core of this use case is the fulfilment of procedural obligations to start doing business in another EU Me

mber State.

2. Doing business in another Member State

This use case looks at applying for specific services in the Member State the company is operating in. This case is centred on retrieving and updating

company information by the service provider. This use case may include fulfilling corporate tax duties or getting access to other relevant services as well.

The process of co-creation with the partners was a good beginning of the Pilot Doing Business Abroad. It started with bilateral workshops and conference calls with the Member States and participating organisations. Together they analysed the specific situation per Member State. The next step was to translate this information into generic uses cases, process flows, and requirements. The final content of the deliverable was agreed on in one joint teleconference workshop.

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