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Government (Big) Data Actors and Their Roles

Governments produce data that is high in volume, veracity and velocity. This big data is utilise d by public administrations to implement base registries and enforce data sharing at a national and regional level, to deliver integrated digital public services, provision of insights to citizens, and for good governance. Government data ecosystem actors represent distinct public entities that provide, consume and manipulate data to offer paid services and extend data services such as data storage and hosting services to other actors.

Recently, the International Hellenic University team published a research article ‘Government (Big) Data Ecosystem: Definition, Classification of Actors, and Their Roles’ proceeding the International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (9th and 10th April 2020) in Athens, Greece. The paper was written by Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah, Dr. Vasilis Peristeras and Dr. Ioannis Magnisalis. The DE4A project is acknowledged in the published research article. The key aims of this paper is to suggest a robust definition of a government big data ecosystem and a classification of actors and their roles. It showcases a graphical view of government data actors and their roles, as shown in the Figure below.

The objectives of the DE4A project, is to simplify migration towards European digital public services co-delivered across borders and sectors, with different participants, as well as reinforcing trust in public institutions. To achieve these project objectives, DE4A project piloting, Members States and institutions act as data consumers, or data providers to exchange the data required by the respective SDGR administrative procedure in the context of each pilot use cases.

Fig. Classification of Government (Big) Data Actors and their Roles

This research article provides an academic viewpoint on the government (big) data actors and their roles to the readers including DE4A project stakeholders. We propose future work to map and analyze DE4A project actors, and their roles in the context of cross-border data exchange to boost EU Single Digital Market.

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