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DE4A initiative selects EEMA as a project partner

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

At ISSE 2019, EEMA was proud to reveal that it has been chosen to participate in a new EU-funded initiative - Digital Europe for All (DE4A). DE4A will enable an open and comprehensive environment and platform for collaboration and innovation, leveraging common eGovernment baseline patterns for secure, privacy-preserving and trustworthy realisation of essential Once-Only and Relevant-Only principles, and with re-use of existing and new building blocks and Digital Service Infrastructures at national and EU-wide levels. Innovative technologies like blockchain, machine learning, self-emerging ontologies and zero-knowledge proofs will be addressed for effective sharing of common services. Earlier this year EEMA announced that it would be taking part in the LOCARD project that aims to provide an holistic platform for chain of custody assurance of digital evidence. EEMA is also currently participating in the FutureTrust and LIGHTest projects.

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