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Digital Europe for All

April 20, 2020

Innovative EU projects are the basis for a digital European single market.

Across all borders

A prerequisite for a functioning digital single market is the problem-free interaction of digital public services across European borders. National e-government services must therefore become interoperable to ensure that all instruments are coherent. At the latest with the Single Digital Gateway Regulation, the legal basis for the big step towards interoperability in the European internal market has been created. The BRZ , together with the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location ( BMDW ), is involved in several EU projects.

Use existing solutions In the technical implementation of these projects, European basic components are used that have arisen as part of previous initiatives such as " Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine " ( PEPPOL ) or currently " The Once-Only Principle Project " ( TOOP ). The BRZ was also involved in many of these projects and generated important know-how for future services. Digital Europe for All ( DE4A ) is a new research and pilot project and part of the EU funding program Horizon 2020. It aims to ensure uniform digital access to data. These are once-only- To enable the principle and increased digital standardization through modern and high-quality online processes. These can then be accessed via the Single Digital Gateway from 2023 .

Seize opportunities

» By participating in the EU project DE4A, we take the opportunity to do important preliminary work towards the implementation of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation « explains Mag. Georg Nesslinger, Head of Department E-Government for companies in the BMDW: » The aim is to take our e-government to the next level and make it fit for cross-border use cases. « Mag. Carl-Markus Piswanger, MSc., EGovernment architect in the BRZ , adds: » By participating in the DE4A project, the BRZ, together with its partner BMDW, is once again represented in European eGovernment research. «

Once-only principle as an important pillar

The once-only principle is an important pillar of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation and also creates the basis for a new dimension of service for citizens and companies in Austria. Data should no longer have to be introduced redundantly in public proceedings if the state already has it. In the EU's Single Digital Gateway Regulation (Article 14 of the regulation) " Once only" is explicitly defined as an implementation principle that is initially to be implemented in 21 public proceedings.

Easier data exchange

The backing for implementation also comes from the current government program, in which the principle is explicitly stated.

» A prerequisite for using the once-only principle in Austria is the register and system network as a new data management tool in administration «

says Nesslinger.

» This technical component should facilitate the exchange of data in the administration and at the same time meet high requirements for data security and transparency. «

Published in Read It Nr.1/2020

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