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Doing Business AbRoad Pilot
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About The Pilot

Within the Digital Europe for All (DE4A) program, the Doing Business Abroad pilot aims to reduce the administrative burden of starting and doing business in another European Member State. With the new Once Only Technical System, information about a company is re-used cross-border which reduces the time to register and afterwards request a service in another Member State substantially. The entire process is fully online and secure, using the authentication and authorization means of the home-country that are familiar to the representative of the company.


The advantage is obvious, as the current situation for registering a business in another country often takes days or weeks to complete, includes a lot of paperwork, provides many language barriers and is quite sensitive to errors and mistakes due to risk of incorrect interpretation of information. When using the pilot-solution, the effort required to complete the registration is reduced drastically for both the company and the service provider. So the company can actually apply for a service much faster and the service provider spends less time on administrative issues.

See our DBA explainer video:





Scope of the pilot

The Doing Business Abroad pilot supports procedures for companies that want to apply for an online service in another Member State, as well as keeping the service provider informed on any relevant changes in the company. Examples of services are the enrollment into subsidy programs, acquiring permits, managing import and export certificates, starting a new business or filing tax-returns. The pilot focusses on helping companies registering with the foreign service provider, so they can apply for services like these.

Persons who represent companies in the application-process can use their National eID to log in at the foreign online portal of the service providers in the other Member States. Their mandates to represent the company are being checked online, to ensure that the person is entitled to act on behalf of the company in this process.


Currently, the following situations are available for piloting:


Piloting with real business objectives

A. Registering Romanian or Austrian companies aiming to apply for one of the online services available at the RVO in The Netherlands.


Note that case A will result in a real (legally valid) registration so they can actually apply for the real service from RVO.


Piloting with simulation objectives

B. Registering Austrian, Swedish or Dutch companies, aiming to apply for one of the online services available at the Romanian National Trade Register Office ( in Romania.

C. Registering Romanian, Austrian or Dutch companies aiming to apply for one of the online services from the Swedish Companies Registration Office ( in Sweden.​

D. Registering Romanian, Dutch or Swedish companies aiming to apply for one of the online services available at Unternehmensservice Portal ( in Austria.


Note that cases B, C and D will not result in legally valid registrations but are for learning purposes only, allowing for more companies to contribute to the pilot (even if companies have no real intention to do business in the other countries). Even these cases will be piloted (as much as possible) with real companies, real representatives and real data. For these cases, all data provided during the pilot, will be deleted afterwards.


Registering companies in foreign countries is supported starting early 2022, while keeping information up-to date will be added Q2 2022. The pilot ends in Q3 2022, the lessons learned and conclusions will be made available in Q4 2022.


The pilot is performed by Austria, The Netherlands, Romania and Sweden, which means that these countries support cross-border communication for both company-information and mandates. Companies from these countries that

  • recognize themselves in one of the situations (A, B, C or D) mentioned above

  • are interested in contributing to making doing international business easier

  • are willing to spend approximately 2 hours on applying for one of these online services as well as evaluating their experience afterwards.

can apply for participation in the pilot. Interested? Click here!

More information

Are you interested in this pilot, but not as a participant? Click here for a pilot brochure.

Also, you can find more general information about the DE4A program here: